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Mehab Testimonial - Claire E.

Claire E

Saved me Hundreds of Dollars

Given my extremely high insurance deductible, this saved me many hundreds of dollars that would have been spent in physical therapy deductibles and copayments, with the added convenience of not having to spend hours in physical therapy visits multiple times a week. If your healthcare provider suggests Mehab is appropriate for you, I'd recommend giving it a try! - Claire E.

Mehab Testimonial - Steve W.

Steve W

This App Will Save You Time and Money

This app is fantastic. For everyone who cannot afford or is not able to get to weekly treatments. This app will save you time and money. Developed and written by a Dr of physical therapy, it has all the exercises online to do at a time that it suits you. Most importantly great support and service. - Steve W.

Mehab Testimonial - Chris L.

Chris L

Easy to Use And High Quality Protocols

Newer home exercise application. Very easy to use and high quality exercises/protocols. As a PT, I believe this is going to be the future for a large percentage of patients who are comfortable with more of a independent approach to rehab. Compared to traditional rehab, this is an unbelievable money-saver. - Chris L.

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"As an orthopedic surgeon, I rely heavily on physical therapy to get my patients back to their optimal level of function. However, in today's medical environment, very high co-pays can be a huge hindrance to this goal. In addition, with the hectic pace of life, it is often difficult to schedule particular times to do therapy.

This is why I rely heavily on Mehab for my therapy needs. The low monthly cost allows many patients, who would not be able to afford normal physical therapy, to have access to high-level therapy intervention."

Dr. George Stollsteimer

Dr Signature
MeHab is Cross Device and Cross Platform

Progress in Motion

Whether it is in industry or a personal physical state, progress is driven by a dissatisfaction with the status quo. The desire to improve; to be better. Just as forward motion is crucial for progress in our society, movement is the primary determinant in your successful recovery. We ask you to join us in challenging the status quo and challenge yourself to move forward with us. We are progress in motion.

Available Protocols


Built after an extensive literature review. Mehab includes exercise videos, tracking, reporting, and a patent pending safety system.


Costing less than just one session of physical therapy, users have unlimited access to information, education and support.


Available anywhere, anytime. No appointments. No commuting. Works on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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Step-by-step rehabilitation instruction


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Mehab is just a fraction of the cost of traditional physical therapy. Users have unlimited access to their protocol for just $19.99 a month.

Happy Mehab User
Rotator Cuff Repair Cost Comparison
Length of Treatment
Home Exercise Required
Monthly Cost
Traditional therapy
Length of Treatment 16 weeks
Home Exercise Required Yes
Weekly Sessions 3 x weeks
Cost $30 / visit
Monthly Cost $360
Outcome Same As Mehab
Total Patient Cost  $1440
Length of Treatment16 weeks
Home Exercise RequiredYes
Weekly SessionsUnlimited
Cost$4.99 / week
Monthly Cost$19.99
OutcomeSame as Traditional
Total Patient Cost  $78.95

Our Average User

Saves $350 a month

Users save significantly, have unlimited sessions and are able to cancel at anytime

Saves 12 hours a month

Eliminating commuting times, and wait times, users reduce time by 33% per session.

Recovers the same as PT

For most, a structured home program provides the same results as physical therapy.


What does Mehab cost? expand FAQ

Mehab costs just a fraction of formal therapy. Where many people pay $30-60 per session, Mehab costs just $19.99 per month with unlimited sessions. Best of all you can cancel any time!

Simply visit on any device to get started. You can use it there or save it just like an app to your home screen for fast and simple access. Get your diagnosis from your healthcare provider, and search your diagnosis or enter your code. If you are heading to your healthcare provider take a copy of our Quick Referral Card Mehab QRC and have them select your appropriate diagnosis.

We have over 120 protocols, each specifically designed for a particular issue. We highly recommend you get an accurate diagnosis before using Mehab. Take a copy of our Quick Referral Card (QRC) available here (insert printable QRC link here), to your healthcare provider.

The reality is that compliance to a home program is the key to recovery. As much as our CEO, a physical therapist himself, would like to think his "hands-on" is vital to recovery, research does not support that belief. In most cases a structured home program designed by medical professionals produces the same outcomes.

Mehab is compatible with any device that has a web browser; smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and smart TV’s.

Select your protocol from your subscriptions. Under the billing section there is a cancel subscription option.

Cancelling a subscription to a protocol only stops the auto-recurring charge. You will still have access for the remainder of your 30 days.

Research has shown that in most cases a medically designed home exercise program produces the same outcomes as formal therapy. Mehab is an alternative for users that have limited ability to attend formal care due to cost, time, coverage, geographic isolation, transportation or physical limitations, or are going to rehab themselves anyways. If you are fortunate enough to attend formal care then by all means do it. Our goal is to provide the best and safest alternative to traditional therapy.

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